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Temecula, CA
The City That Shines Through The Mist
Area Code: 951 - Zip Code: 92592

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Old Town Community Theater
Old Town Temecula
Temecula Wine & Music Festival
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Old Town Chapel
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Pennypickle's Museum
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Pechanga Casino
Temecula Promenade Mall
Temecula Polo Club
Discover one of Southern California's premier wine destinations. With over 30 wineries you can enjoy wine tastings from award winning wineries, great food, concerts, and much more. Take a limousine wine tour, or a hot air balloon ride. Go wine tasting
Temecula Polo Club
The Temecula Valley Polo Clubs mission is to provide polo events to serve local non-profit organizations, to hold fundraisers to further serve their mission and help raise funds for their important causes.. More...
Temecula's ideal location for growing grapes and producing award winning wines is due in large part to the climate and geography, bolstered by the Pueska Mountain, the Rainbow Gap, and Santa Margarita Gap. The gaps help create the Mediterranean like climate that is ideal for grape growing. Temecula Wineries

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Pechanga Casino

There is not a better place to break away with 24 hour gaming and entertainment. With 517 AAA rooms this Four Diamond hotel offers every luxury available. From the top rated golf course, to the opulent serenity of spa Pechanga, and award winning restaurants. - More

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Michael Sam Makes Up With Dad Who Criticized Him for Being Gay
Michael Sam Makes Up With Dad Who Criticized Him for Being GayFormer NFL player Michael Sam, who had been estranged from his father since coming out as gay in February 2014, tweeted this week that the two have spoken for the first time since then. (Photo: Getty Images) When former NFL player Michael Sam announced to the world that he was gay back in February 2014, he was largely praised for his bravery and honesty by fellow players, various celebrities, the NFL, and ESPN — pretty much everyone, it seemed, except his father, Michael Sam Sr., who was quoted at the time as saying, “I’m old school. I’m a man-and-a-woman type of guy.” STORY: NFL Dad Sends Powerful Message by Confiscating Kids’ ‘Trophies for Nothing’ Shortly after, Sam discussed his estrangement from his dad during a segment of Dancing With the Stars, while he was a contestant.

Aly Raisman on Larry Nassar assault: Sometimes people forget I’m still coping with it
Aly Raisman on Larry Nassar assault: Sometimes people forget I’m still coping with itOlympic gold medalist Aly Raisman tells the Yahoo News show “Through Her Eyes” that she sometimes finds it difficult to hear the graphic details in the sexual assault stories of others, as she is still coping with her own traumatic experience.


Vladimir Putin says Russia will target US if it places missiles in Europe
Vladimir Putin says Russia will target US if it places missiles in EuropeVladimir Putin has said Russia will target the US with new nuclear weapons if it deploys missiles to Europe following the demise of a major arms control treaty. In an annual speech to the federal assembly, the Russian leader on Wednesday accused Washington of planning to deploy intermediate-range missiles to the continent following its withdrawal from a bilateral agreement banning those weapons. This would put the missiles within a 10-minute flight from Moscow, creating a serious threat to Russia and compelling it to consider “symmetrical and asymmetrical actions” in response, he said.  “Russia will be forced to create and deploy types of weapons that can be used not only against those territories posing a direct threat to us, but also against those territories where the decision-making centres are,” Mr Putin said, referring to the United States.  Russia and the United States have had hundreds of nuclear missiles pointed at each other since the Cold War, but Mr Putin's speech also detailed a bevy of new weapons Russia is developing, including hypersonic weapons and a nuclear-powered underwater drone. His comments marked an escalation in rhetoric from earlier this month, when he announced only a “symmetrical” response to Donald Trump's suspension of US participation in the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. Besides ceasing to observe the agreement, Russia would create a land-based version of its Kalibr cruise missile, he said at the time. Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton, far left, is a longstanding opponent of arms control agreements Credit: Andrew Harnik/AP Washington has long argued that Moscow's 92M79 missile is banned by the INF treaty. But Russia has claimed that US missile defence in Romania and a similar system planned for Poland are in violation of the agreement.  Last month, the authorities even showed journalists and foreign military attaches a cruise missile canister and launcher outside Moscow to try to dispute the US accusations. A leaked US intelligence report later claimed that this equipment had nothing to do with the 92M79. In Wednesday's speech, Mr Putin again argued that US missile defence launchers in Romania could pose an offensive threat by firing Tomahawk cruise missiles and claimed that “target missiles” developed for defence shield exercises were intermediate-range missiles in disguise.  The United States needs to “do away with the illusion” that it could “achieve absolute military superiority with the help of global missile defence,” he said, touting several new weapons first announced in his address to the federal assembly last year.  The Avangard system, a hypersonic glider that can carry a nuclear warhead, and Peresvet laser weapon will enter deployment by the end of 2019, he said.  Moscow showed a cruise missile canister to journalists and military attaches in an attempt to argue its 9M279 missile did not violate the INF treaty Credit: Pavel Golovkin/AP Meanwhile, Russia is testing a nuclear-powered cruise missile and underwater drone that Mr Putin has claimed will have unlimited range, as well as a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile. The drone has been called a “doomsday weapon” because it could potentially destroy swathes of the US seaboard. But Washington said last year that the “unlimited range” cruise missile had crashed during tests. Seven new submarines and five new long-range warships will be launched, and 16 more such ships will be constructed by 2027, he added.  But Mr Putin tried to walk a fine line between boasting of new weapons development and promising to solve economic problems faced by the population, which took up most of the speech. One in five Russians now live in poverty, and polls show trust in Mr Putin has fallen following an unpopular hike in the pension age.  While claiming the Zircon missile in development could fly at nine times the speed of sound, he noted that it could be deployed on ships and submarines outfitted for the Kalibr and “won't be expensive for us”.  Mr Putin said Moscow was open to arms control talks and doesn't want confrontation, but warned that US leaders should “count the range and speed of our perspective weapons systems” before deploying new arms against Russia.  Elsewhere in the speech, the Russian president promised state aid for large families to try to reverse population decline, an effort he dubbed “more children, fewer taxes”. He also promised to fight poverty and increase access to healthcare and education in far-flung regions. Sign up for your essential, twice-daily briefing from The Telegraph with our free Front Page newsletter.

10 of the Best Car-Upholstery Cleaners Tested
10 of the Best Car-Upholstery Cleaners Tested

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Welcome to Temecula - "The city that shines through the mist". One of Southern California's premier destinations. A city rich in history, natural beauty, rolling hills, picturesque vineyards and expansive views of the San Jacinto mountains make it a favorite destination for thousands of visitors.

In the 1700's The Shoshone indians made the Temecula Valley their home. They call it, "Exva Temeeku". Later the Spanish interpreted and spelled the word as "Temecula" and called the Indians living in the region as "Luiseos".

The first known European to discover the valley was Father Juan Norberto de Santiago, in October 1797, while seeking a site for a new mission. Temecula was one of the stops on the route of the Butterfield Stage and in 1859 became the location of the seventh post office in California. The first post office was in San Francisco.

In 1904, Walter Vail bought 87,500 acres (four Spanish land grants) and drove 1,000 head of cattle from Arizona. It was the last large cattle drive in the United States. It remained a working cattle ranch for the next 60 years. in 1882, when the Santa Fe Railway came through our valley, Old Town Temecula was born.

Many famous people "passed this way" including mountain men like Jedediah Smith, Indian scout Kit Carson and authors Helen Hunt Jackson and Erle Stanley Gardner that have had two Temecula schools name after them.

Temecula has approximately 100,000 residents. With neighboring Murrieta, on the northwest and the Pechanga Indian Reservation on the south, Temecula forms the southwestern anchor of the Inland Empire region. The city is almost equidistant to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. The I-15 corridor between Los Angeles County and San Diego was completed in the early 1980's and the subdivision land boom began.

Temecula was incorporated in December, 1989. Developers tried to change the name to Rancho California, but citizens voted to officially name the city "Temecula".

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Temecula, CA

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